Cup Cup Golf 3D – Free Android Golf Game

By | June 2, 2013

Cup Cup Golf 3D is a free golf game for Android. It’s different from what you’d expect an Android game to be like, especially a golf game. For example you don’t hit the ball by doing a swipe on the touchscreen, but rather by re-positioning the character behind the ball to determine the direction in which the ball is gonna go.

Android golf game direction

Like we said, in this free Android golf game, you control the direction in which the ball is gonna be hit by changing the position of the character behind it. Touchscreen has still found its use though. Yellow arrows on the sides which can be seen on the screenshot above have to be tapped in order to turn the character in the desired position.

Info about the current wind direction and speed can be seen, make sure you take that into account when setting up the direction in which the ball is gonna go. When you’re finished with the setup, click on the Standby OK button in the bottom right corner.

Android golf game where ball hit

Once you’ve done that the next step of the ball hit setup process comes up where you have to select which section of the ball is gonna be hit by the golf club. This also determines the direction of the ball. Here you can setup a curve ball. Red dot on the ball indicates where the hit will happen. Tap on the top, bottom, left, right arrow keys to re-position the red dot.

By having it more on either left or right means that you’re putting a curve ball. Bottom that it’s going very high up and if the red dot is at top of the ball, like we have it on the screenshot above, this means that it will probably not go very far.

Android golf game strenght

Third and final step of the hit setup or this free Android golf game requires you to determine the strength of the hit. There’s distance indicators laid out throughout the gauge to help you get better picture of where you need the let the bar filled in order to achieve the desired strength of the hit. Start the shot by clicking on the Shot button in the bottom right corner.

Android golf game what not to do

In our case setup was poor so the ball didn’t go very far. Cup Cup Golf 3D takes some time to get used to and to build up skill, but this free Android golf game is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. You can download it for free from the Google Play store.


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