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By | June 23, 2013

Recently we talked about a very simple math problem generator where you could easily create math problems like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as PDF documents. Today we again have a very similar software on our table called MEG, which is short for Math Exam Generator. Difference between the two is that MEG is more configurable.

Math Exam Generator screenshot test create

It might not seem like that at first, but there’s actually a lot of options when creating tests with this free math problem generator. Initially you won’t see much, just the main test preview area with application name and an example math problem shown.

Math Exam Generator screenshot test setup

Only when you click on the Create New Test button from the quick access toolbar in the top left corner will the additional options come up. With these options it’s possible to select what kind of problems are gonna be created. You can select between multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Next the number of problems that’re gonna be created can be changed. By default it’s 25.

Unlike Math Worksheet Generator that we talked about before, here you can select the highest numerical values of test problems. This means that you can set the difficulty to only two digit numbers and as your kids are progressing you can increase difficulty to three, four or more digits.

Math Exam Generator screenshot running test

Click OK and the math problems are gonna be created. Notice that at first you get solutions posted. This is for you, the teacher, so that you don’t have to solve the generated problems yourself. When you’re done printing the generated test with answers, select File >> Options to deactivate answers.

Math Exam Generator screenshot test answers name

Here you can also edit class (as in school class) name and teacher name, which are also gonna be shown once you print the exam. Next to printing, the only other thing that you can do with a created test is save it in Math Exam Generator’s own .MEG format.

Creating math example and problems is very easy with MEG, so if you’re in need of lots of math exams involving basic operations make sure you give it a try. Download link down below is Softonic, so make sure that you don’t install anything additionally when extracting MEG executable, which is portable by the way. Download link down below is Softonic. Be careful when extracting the executable so that you don’t install all the additional apps that Softonic’s installer offers.

Download: Click Here


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