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By | June 30, 2013

A proper archive manager on Android can be very helpful in a lot of situations. For example when you’re trying to organize your files, archive old photos and documents that you don’t use but you also don’t want to delete and so on. If it’s a proper archive manager that we’re talking about, it will also have decent archive compression and it will support encryption, so you might even save space and encrypt your files. ZArchiver is a free Android archive manager which can do all those things and more.

1 - ZArchiver Android archive manager screenshot

Quick overview of features:

  • It can create ZIP, 7ZIP, BZIP2, XZ, TAR and GZIP archives
  • It can extract RAR, ZIP, ISO, TAR, CAB, LZMA, 7ZIP, ZIP, and more
  • Supports password encryption – for both extraction and compression
  • Archive viewer – archives can also just be viewed without extraction
  • Allows you to create archives from multiple files at once
  • Adjustable compression level – select how small the archive will be

ZArchiver is completely free and it’s very small, just a few megabytes in size. It also doesn’t have ads, which is a huge plus. When you first run it, it will look like a file manager. In fact it can even be used as a file manager. You can move, copy and delete files, next to creating and extracting archives of course.

2 - ZArchiver Android archive manager extracting

Let’s start with the basics, extracting archives. You downloaded an archive from the Internet and would now like to extract it only to find that Android can’t do that out of the box, at least the ones I got couldn’t. Open up Play Store and search for ZArchiver. Install it, run it, navigate to the folder where the downloaded archive is, tap on the archive and select one of the available Extract options.

This free Android archive manager can extract archives in the current directory, create a new directory and extract them there or you can specify location yourself. Archives can also be viewed and new ones created this way (notice the Compress… option) but when creating archives you would of course tap on images, documents and all the other files that you want to see archived and compressed.

3 - ZArchiver Android archive manager multiple files

On top of compressing individual files, this Android archive manager also supports compression for multiple files. You can select multiple files by tapping on the wrench icon in the top right corner and turning on the Multiple Select option. After that tap on a file selects it. All the files from a directory can be selected with a long tap. When you’re done making a selection tap on the Apply button in the top right corner.

4 - ZArchiver Android archive manager compressing

After tapping on Apply, small prompt will come up where you can quickly create a ZIP or 7Z archive from the selected files or you can open up the actual create archive dialog by selecting Compress.. where more options can be found.

1 - ZArchiver Android archive manager creating archive

This is where you can select archive format, compression level, encryption, add password, turn on archive splitting (which is also supported) and optionally you set to have the source file delete after compression. After clicking on OK, archive is created and you’re done.

Creating archives on Android with this free Android archive manager is very easy with a lot of options for you to tweak (a lot of which we didn’t cover fully here). We suggest that if you’re in need of an archive manager on Android, you give ZArchiver a try.

Download: Click Here


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