Batch Image Resize On Linux/Ubuntu With gThumb

By | June 14, 2013

Sometimes it’s not that easy to find out how to do a certain task on Linux, or should I say GNU/Linux so that not to anger the politically correct people. A way back we talked about how you can resize multiple images at once using Phatch. In the meantime I’ve discovered that there’s an even easier way how you can do this using gThumb. Odds are good that you already have it installed, if you’re using Linux that is.

gThumb is used as the default image viewer by several popular distributions, and if you don’t have it installed, it can be found in repositories of practically every distribution, Ubuntu has it for sure.

gThumb linux batch image resize

When you run it, this is what you’re gonna see. Left sidebar has a file browser, underneath that we have image information box and on the right all the images from a selected folder, folder that you select using the file browser, are gonna be listed.

gThumb linux batch image resize select

Batch image resize is only possible if you select several images (duh!) from the collection preview area on the right. Left click + Drag or hold down Ctrl to select multiple images that you’d like to see resized. Shift will also work, the usual basically. Once you’ve done that, click Tools >> Resize Images from the toolbar at the top.

gThumb linux batch image resize settings

Window that comes up allows you to set the new size of images either in pixels or percentages. Ratio can be preserved or not, depending on how you like/need it. Lastly down below destination directory and format that resized images are gonna be converted to can be tweaked. JPEG, PNG, TGA and TIFF image formats are supported. When you’re done click on Execute. Resizing can take time if you selected a lot of photos, but for 4 photos that we resized it was practically instantaneous.

gThumb linux batch image resize finished

Open up output directory and see if everything was resized properly. For us everything worked just fine. If you’re having problems post here and I’ll help you out.

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    1. Zoran

      Yep, it’s pretty awesome, and it has a lot of features. I use it every day practically.


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