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By | June 17, 2013

imgur is one of the most popular image hosting/sharing services out there. It’s THE, or should I say one of THE official image hosts used by the very popular Reddit, which means that there’s a lot of interesting photos on it. Another thing which guarantees that imgur has a lot of cool images is its own very active community. Those looking to download all the photos from a certain imgur gallery or album have come to the right place. imgur Gallery&Album Downloader is exactly that, a free automatic imgur image download utility.

imgur downloader automatic gallery album

Two versions of imgur Gallery&Album Downloader are available, installable and portable. Both of them require Java in order to run, this is a Java powered application. This free automatic imgur image download software is very lightweight and very easy to use. Interface that comes up only allows you to type in the address of the imgur gallery or album that you’d like to see downloaded and to tweak a couple of download options.

imgur downloader automatic gallery album page

Options that you can tweak include gallery/album page selection, which allows you to select which page of the selected imgur gallery or album you’d like to see downloaded. Second option, the second check mark prevents this free imgur image download software from downloading duplicate, more precisely it stops the download process once that a duplicate image has been found in the download directory, which by the way cannot be changed.

imgur downloader automatic gallery album downloading

When you’re done with the setup, click Download and all the images from the selected imgur album or gallery, depending what kind of URL you’ve used, are gonna be downloaded. If you had enough photos, click the Stop button. Downloaded imgur images are saved in a special Galleries folder that’s created in your user’s directory. View buttons quickly opens up the output directory where you can go over downloaded photos. a folder is created for each new album/gallery that you download.

Free automatic imgur image download utility like imgur Gallery&Album Downloader allows you to download multiple photos from imgur very easily. If you’re an image lover, would like to download photos from imgur but you’re just to lazy to do it yourself manually, imgur Gallery&Album Downloader is the thing you need.

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