Add Social Buttons To WordPress Sidebar With Tipsy Social Icons

By | June 7, 2013

A while back we had an articles where I showed you a very simple trick of how you can add social network and RSS feed buttons to WordPress sidebar. In this article we’re gonna be talking about the same thing, but now we’re gonna be using a plugin to automate things for you.

The plugin that we’re gonna be covering today is called Tipsy Social Icons. It comes pre-configured with a large number of social network icon shortcuts which you can easily add to the sidebar of your WordPress blog without getting your hands dirty with HTML (not that that’s there’s anything wrong with getting your hands dirty with HTML, but most people like the point’n’click method more).

Tipsy social icons added sidebar icons

This plugin can be easily installed from the Plugins section of the WordPress dashboard. Search for “Tipsy Social Icons”. Once you have it installed, open up Widgets and drag’n’drop the Tipsy Social Icons widget to the sidebar or the footer section if you want. Once that the widget is in the sidebar, you’ll see very long list of social network icons that you can add, 30 of them to be more precise. Don’t worry, they won’t all be active right away. Icon will show up in the sidebar only when you add a link to a social page in the empty field next to it.

Tipsy social icons added address URL

For the time being we only have a YouTube channel, so we copy/pasted the address of our channel next to the YouTube icon. Other options that you can change include icon size, you can turn on/off hover fade effect and you can also add a hover tooltip that’s gonna pop-up with the name of the social network. When you’re done with the setup, hit Save.

Tipsy social icons working

Image above shows us how these free social network buttons look like when they’re live in the sidebar (the upper YouTube icon). You can also see how our “handmade” icons look like down below, which we’ve added manually with some very simple, yet surprisingly dreaded HTML. We of course like ours more, but if you want to add social buttons to sidebar using a plugin, Tipsy Social Icons is one ways how you can do that.


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