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By | May 1, 2013

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there, if not the most popular. For this reason, it’s the perfect target for comment spam. Even if you start a new blog, within just a few days you’re gonna be showered with copious amounts of spam in your comment section. Many people would use Askimet in this situation, but if you aren’t interested in setting up Askimet, you could use captcha codes to prevent comment spam. Here’s how you can do that in WordPress.

Wordpress comment spam captcha screenshot

WordPress comment captcha that you can see on the screenshot above is actually very simple to add. This is actually just a plugin that you can install right from the WordPress plugin repository. There’s several different plugins that are available, but the one that we’re using is called Captcha Code.

Wordpress comment spam captcha settings

The reason why we decided to use this particular WordPress comment captcha plugin is because it’s very easy to configure and it can be changed in a lot of ways. It not only allows you to add captcha to the comments section, but also to login form, register form and lost password reset form. All the way at the top you can select what kind of captcha is gonna be used. You can select between capital letters, small letters or a combo of the two. Captcha can also be numbers only, or alphanumeric.

Wordpress comment spam captcha activating

After you’re done configuring how the captcha is gonna look like, to activate it on one of the supported forms, you just need to change the No to Yes. We’re here talking about comments, so we selected Yes on comments. Last bit of option that you can tweak is to select if the captcha is shown to registered users. This should be no, since they generally aren’t spammers. Click Save and open up the the page where you’ve activated the plugin to see if it’s working. You should see something very similar to the first image above. Plugin can be downloaded directly using the Add New Plugin button from the WordPress Dashboard or by downloading it from this link.


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