How To Stop Non Essential Windows Services With KillEmAll

By | May 21, 2013

KillEmAll is a handy utility for Windows which allows you to quickly and easily stop non essential Windows services from running on your system. After clicking on KillEmAll executable, the only thing that’s gonna be left running when you open up Task Manager are default Windows services, the ones required by the system to function properly.

killemall kill stop non-windows services

What KillEmAll does, stop non essential Windows services, can be both good and bad. It can be good because there’s a good chance that if you have problems will malware, it will stop and block malicious processes from running on your system. On the other hand, all the legitimate processes that you have running, that are not harmful will also be stopped. Be careful if you have a custom service of your own running in the background.

killemall kill stop non-windows services blocked list

This is a portable application, and its extension is masked, it’s not EXE but rather SCR. By masking the extension, you get a better shot of KillEmAll stopping malicious services before they stop KillEmAll. If the termination of non essential Windows services was successful, you should see a list of stopped services in the top left corner of the window that comes up, see image above. Both visible (top) and hidden (bottom) processes are gonna be stopped. You’ll also get a full path to where the executable is located listed.

killemall kill stop non-windows services info

Additional info about the executable of the stopped processes can be seen in the right sidebar. What’s more interesting are the tools in the bottom right corner. From there you can start up the process again, whitelist it, Google its name, delete and even upload to VirusTotal online virus scanner to see if the executable behind the stopped process is detected as malware. It’s very easy to stop non essential Windows services with KillEmAll. If you have a lot of processes running after restart or if you have troubles stopping annoying adware, malware processes, run KillEmAll and see what happens. Download for free.


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