How To Check If Your Website Is In Google Sandbox

By | May 23, 2013

If you’re reading this you probably have some vague idea of what Google sandbox would be. From what this would be webmaster gathers, there’s several definitions of the “sandbox” available and the one that we’re gonna be talking about today is the one where your website is no longer showed in Google Search because you did something to upset the Panda and Penguin spirits.

Google sandbox test how to

Now I’m not entirely too sure if this is the correct definition of the Google sandbox, but let’s say that it is, and let’s ask the question that every website owner has asked himself/herself after find out about sandbox, how to check if my website is in the Google sandbox?

One of the ways how you can test to see if your website has been sandboxed by Google can be seen on the screenshot above. This is nothing new and revolutionary, but if you type:


and hit search, results that you get displayed will prefer your website. Do an occasional search like this to see how many results you get back. If your website ended up in Google’s dreaded sandbox for certain search terms or altogether, you should see a decrease in the number of search results that are reported back for your site.

Google sandbox test keyword

Better yet. if you would like to see if your website was removed Google search for a specific keyword, add that keyword at the end of the previous search query, so that it looks like this:

site: keyword

This will only focus on results from your website for that keyword, and if Google decided to sandbox your website for it, there shouldn’t be any results listed. This can happen if you did something wrong when it comes to search engine optimization, if you optimized too much, the usual.

Checking if you website is in Google sandbox with this method might not be most accurate, for if you website is new and not indexed, then this does not apply for you, give it some time for Google to pick up on your website, but those who have older websites and noticed a drop in traffic, it could be because of Google sandbox.


8 thoughts on “How To Check If Your Website Is In Google Sandbox

  1. gede

    Hi, Thank you for your tutorial but can you make sure why my traffic down ? in your post about fake sandbox checker ?

    1. Zoran

      If I understood you correctly, a decrease in traffic can be any number of things. Have you changed something about your site? Have your promoted it in some unsavory way?

  2. Imran

    Hi, Thank you for writing on this Topic.
    I think my website has been penalized. My website was growing very fast and I was getting lots of traffic. Suddenly after applying a link pyramid (one web 2.0 to main website, 5 web 2.0 to buffer site & then senuke 4000 links to those 5 web 2.0), I have done also Press Release recently.

    After doing this within one week I lost all rankings.

    I have a question.

    For the below searches I am seeing two different results.

    With space and without space between “site” and “Website url”

    two different results appear. Do you know about this? What does it means.

    1. Zoran

      Hi there, sorry to hear about your situation. Yeah, since Google updates, Pandas, Penguins and whatnot, it’s very risky to use automated tools in order to create backlinks. I also noticed a drop in visitor count for the past week, but I guess this is normal, my website is new and it was only a minor drop, nothing too horrific.

      As for your question, I use the first method with spaces, basically this:


      It gives more results and I’m pretty sure that this is the correct way how to use this Google hack.

      Difference in results is there because some websites, like Alexa, SEMRush and other appraisal websites use only domain name,, so when you use URL, these types of mentions are not showed. At least that’s what I think. Hopefully I’ve made myself clear. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy…


  3. Belajar blog

    Thanks for share this very useful article. I was really worry which my blog got sandbox because the traffic getting lower day by day, but I’ll use tips you are given above to make it sure.

  4. homes charlotte

    I was worried when i found a tool on the web and it shown your website is still in Google sandbox. But your article brought a smile on my face.. Tools are fake the technique you shown seems genuine.


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