How To Cheaply And Easily Find Quick Approval Link Directories

By | May 8, 2013

Link directories are a great way how you can quickly create backlinks for your website and maybe even lure some traffic. Problem is that nowadays a lot of people know this, and because of that, link directories are bombarded with submissions, there’s long waiting lists for submitted links to be approved, many high quality ones are paid only, and so on. Finding a link directory with quick approval isn’t easy, but Fiverr might help you do just that.

Link directory fiverr screenshot

Some of you probably already know what we’re aiming at. Note that this won’t be free, but spending a few bucks on buying link directory submission gigs is more than worth it, you gain in several ways. First is that your website is promoted, you get backlinks, but what’s more interesting, what most people overlook, is the gig report that most sellers are offering. For link directories, this usually means an Excel spreadsheet with a list of all the link directories where your website was submitted.

Link directory fiverr report

Example of one such report can be seen on the screenshot above. Note that these are not actual link directories, this is a report for something else. The same thing that goes for link directories can be applied to everything else, blog comments, article directories, you name it. What we’re talking about is the fact that most of the website listed in these reports have fast approval times. They might not be the best quality directories, but they will approve submitted links quickly, which is what we’re talking about here.

Not only that for 5$ you can create backlinks for your websites, but you can also find out about link directories with quick approval. So head on over to Fiverr, score some gigs, and see just what kind of things you’ll discover. Remember, you don’t specifically have to look for link directories, every other type of link submission gigs can help you find something interesting.


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