Free eBooks For Android With Wattpad Android App

By | May 15, 2013

For those who don’t know about Wattpad, it’s a very popular ebook sharing website where writers of all shapes and sizes give away short stories and even entire books for free. Android users will be pleased to know that Wattpad has an app for their favorite devices, tablets, smartphones which allows them to easily access a very large selection of free ebooks available on Wattpad.

1 Wattpad Android free ebooks

Access to and use of the free ebooks available at Wattpad requires an active internet connection. Homepage of the app offers a selection of popular books, the ones that are currently trending. Little bit further down below you can see ebook categories.

2 Wattpad Android free ebook categories

On this image you can see a full overview over available categories. You can use them to find the ebook genre that you’re interested in reading or you can use the search tool, which is available all the way at the top of the homepage, to look for the actual ebook title. In either case, when you find something that peeks you interest, tap on the ebook title and you should see something like this:

3 Wattpad Android ebook book preview

A lot of free ebooks are available on Wattpad, some of them are bestsellers. Before the ebook opens up, you’re first gonna see a short introduction where you can read what it’s about. When you’re done checking out the preview, to read the selected book, just click on the Start Reading button and the text should show up:

4 Wattpad Android ebook reading book

Some of the books that you open up might contain small amount of advertisements in the form of product recommendation or two, but this does not interfere with the reading experience. You browse through the pages like you would with any other ebook reader, by swiping left for forward and right going to the previous page.

5 Wattpad Android ebook reading options

Tap anywhere on the screen when reading an ebook and additional options should appear. Something that we haven’t mentioned about this free ebook reader for Android is that you can create an account and add books you like to your library. That’s what the controls at the top are for. Having an account also makes you a publisher, because it allows you to setup and share your own writings on Wattpad. If you’re looking for a way how to find good ebooks for your Android device, this just might be it. Free download from Google Play.


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