Free DNS Server Parental Control With DNS Angel

By | May 24, 2013

Making sure that your kids do not access adult websites likes porn, gambling, warez, torrents and peer to peer file sharing networks can be an arduous task. There’s tons of applications out there that profess to doing exactly that, but you have to install additional software, or go through complicated setup.

DNS server parental control doesn’t require you to do any of those. DNS Angel is a handy utility for Windows which offers several popular parental control DNS servers which you can set in just one click and by doing that block access to majority of websites that would be a bad influence on the youngsters.

DNS Angel parental control DNS

Great thing about these 4 DNS servers which you see listed on the image above (the 6 buttons in the bottom right corner, 2 bottom ones just restore default DNS server values) is that they aren’t just for parental control, they will also block known attack sites, where children and adults alike might pick up malware infections.

You might be wondering now how does DNS server parental control work exactly. Well first you need to know what DNS servers are. To keep it short, these are basically main computers to which you connect to in order to find out the locations of all the websites on the Internet.

DNS Angel parental control DNS working

By clicking on one of the 4 offered parental control DNS server buttons, you’re gonna change the default DNS server that you’re using, which is probably the one provided by your internet service provider. DNS servers offered by DNS Angel are setup so that they block access to adult websites.

DNS Angel parental control DNS website blocked

Next time that someone tries to be naughty, this is what they’re gonna see instead of the actual website. The only trouble with this type of parental control is if you are (un)fortunate enough to have tech savvy kids, which are gonna figure out how to revert back DNS server settings which were changed by DNS Angel. Download DNS Angle from here.


2 thoughts on “Free DNS Server Parental Control With DNS Angel

  1. Paul Walsh

    Hey there,

    As the founder of MetaCert, I would recommend OpenDNS if you want to block 50 categories – they have indexed 1.6 million domains across 50. MetaCert has indexed over 7.2 million pages of pornography. We’ve also classified spyware and malware too. So if you want to block pornography, then MetaCert might be the answer.

    Norton isn’t as good as OpenDNS as it blocks even more innocent websites that it shouldn’t.

    1. Zoran

      Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll check it out and write a review about your service very shortly….


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