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By | May 28, 2013

Android smartphones might not be the most handy devices when it comes to typing text so that you need to have a text editor installed, but tablets have bigger screens, and they are more than capable of at least rudimentary text editing. 920 Text Editor is a free Android text editor which comes with a surprisingly large number of features.

920 Text Editor free text editor Android

Right of the bat you can see that multiple documents can be open at the same time, each document in its own tab. Moving further down below you come across a toolbar which has all the usual options that you’d expect from a text editor, when it comes desktop text editor at least. You get open file, save, undo, redo, special symbols inserter, document switchers, find tool, color picker and lastly options.

920 Text Editor free text editor Android options

If you tap on the options button from the toolbar (the last option on the right), a small window opens up in the middle of the screen. Next to much of the same controls that you get from the toolbar, additional ones like syntax highlighter, encoding tweaker, are also available.

Notice the Preferences option. Tapping on that opens up options for “behind the scene” tools that this free Android text editor has. The two that are most impressive would be spell checker and also save actions, which saves the document every time that you move focus away from it (you open a different document or app).

920 Text Editor free text editor Android colors

We’re not gonna go into detail about 920 Text Editor, it’s a pretty straightforward text editor. Those who are editing CSS can use the color picker, see image above. To quickly insert colors open up the color picker and click on the color that you like to add to the document.

920 Text Editor free text editor Android typing

When you’ve had enough with all the settings and preferences, and you would just like to start typing, tap on the document and keyboard should pop-up. Obviously touchsreen keyboard isn’t very practical that’s why you can switch to a physical physical keyboard (USB) which allows you to type more easily. Download this free Android text editor for free from Google Play.


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