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By | May 17, 2013

Recently we talked about a free Android coloring app called Kids Draw Board. Today we’re gonna continue on that very same note and talk about something very similar, but with a different twist. Kaleidoo is a free Android kaleidoscope coloring app which, when you draw one line on a screen, simultaneously draws additional lines alongside it in a shape that you’ve previously selected.

1 Kaleidoo Android kaleidoscope coloring screenshot

Example of a Kaleidoo drawing can be seen on the screenshot above. It works on the same principle that an actual kaleidoscope does. When you move fingers across the screen, instead of seeing just one line form, you’ll see several of them created. On the image above we have a circular type pattern, but there’s several others to choose from.

2 Kaleidoo Android kaleidoscope coloring selecting shapes

Selection of available patterns in which additional lines are gonna be created can be opened up by tapping on the brush icon from the toolbar down below. Most of them are symmetrical, but the last two in the bottom right are irregular and they produce all kinds of different lines on the drawing.

3 Kaleidoo Android kaleidoscope coloring color type

Brush pattern isn’t the only thing that you can change in this Android kaleidoscope coloring app. Notice the difference in lines on the expanded pattern above. Some of them have sort of a neon lamp type of effect, while others looks like they are drawn with crayons. Brush effect type can be changed by tapping on the icon next to the brush pattern change icon that we mentioned previously. Several different brush effects are available.

4 Kaleidoo Android kaleidoscope coloring selecting color

Last thing that you can change is of course the color. By the default you’ll have rainbow colors, which means that every time that you draw something, a different color is selected. When you’re finished with the drawing, click on save icon from the toolbar down below and you’ll get a PNG image of your drawing.

5 Kaleidoo Android kaleidoscope coloring browsing saved

Kaleidoo has a a gallery where next to viewing static image of your kaleidoscopic drawing, you can also view an animation of every step that you took to create your drawing. That’s what the Replay button does when you’re viewing drawings from your gallery. This is an ad supported app, but ads are not too annoying. It’s fun and easy to use. Install for free from Google Play store.


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