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By | May 16, 2013

Switching DNS is something that a lot of people are forced to do. It can either be because the DNS servers of their ISP are not good or because they are trying to bypass filters and blocks imposed by their governments, boss or even websites that the user is trying to reach, GeoIP blocks that Hulu has for example. DNS Jumper is a free Windows DNS switcher which allows you to switch DNS servers on the fly, without browsing through heaps of menus.

Windows DNS switch DNS Jumper screenshot

This is a portable app, and even though it features a very small interface, it’s packed with dozens of tools to help you make DNS management a breeze. DNS settings can be changed for each network card that you have installed individually, or you can change it simultaneously for all of them. That’s what the top drop down menu is for.

Windows DNS switch DNS jumper servers

DNS Jumper comes with a long list of built-in DNS servers, like for example Google Public DNS, Norton DNS, Comodo Secure, which you just have to select from the list and click Apply DNS for them to start working.

Windows DNS switch DNS Jumper fastest DNS

If you click on the Fastest DNS button from the left sidebar, DNS speed tester comes up. It tests to see which one of the available DNS servers is the fastest. Click on the Find Fastest DNS button to start the test. After it finishes you should see results and the fastest DNS server is gonna be marked. Select the Apply Fastest DNS button to start using the fastest DNS server right away.

Windows DNS switch DNS Jumper manual

This free Windows DNS switcher makes it easy to add manual DNS servers, if you don’t want to use any of the built-in ones. Simply put a check mark next to the Manual DNS Server checkbox and type in the IP addresses of the DNS server that you would like to use. Clicking on the Refresh button checks server status, if it’s online or offline and it also tests access times. DNS flusher saves you the trouble of opening up the command prompt and running the DNS flush command there. Download DNS Jumper for free.


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