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By | May 27, 2013

When sending sensitive text via email, Dropbox (documents) or even Facebook private messages, it would be a good idea to add more security by encrypting the text that’s being sent. CTI Text Encryption is a free portable text encryption software for Windows which allows you to easily password encrypt text, so that if someone does get their hands on it, all that they’re gonna see is gibberish.

CTI Text Encryption tool Windows

First thing that you will probably notice are four password fields in the toolbar at the top. CTI Text Encryption allows you to add multiple passwords for extra protection. Passwords are optional, text can be encrypted without them, but if someone gets a hold of encrypted text that you’ve shared, they can easily decrypt it using this free text encryption software.

CTI Text Encryption tool windows text

Next to being able to encrypt text, this free portable text encryption software is also a text editor. True it’s simplistic and rudimentary, but you can use it to type text that you want encrypted, change font type, size and so on. When you’re finished typing in text, click on the Encrypt button from the main toolbar.

CTI Text Encryption tool windows encrypted

As soon as you do that, text that you’ve typed or copy-pasted in the text field down below is gonna be encrypted. All that you’re gonna see are nonsensical strings of letters, numbers and symbols. If you typed in at least one password when encrypting text, it also has to be typed in when decrypting text.

CTI Text Encryption tool windows decryption

Encrypted text can either be saved as a text document, or copy pasted in email or a message directly. Person on the receiving end will also have to have CTI Text Encryption and know the passwords that you used to encrypt the text (if you used any). In case that whoever tries to decrypt password encrypted text and doesn’t know the password, or doesn’t have the entire encrypted text will receive the same error which can be seen on the image above. You can download this free portable text encryption software over here. If you need Android file encryption, check out Encrypt File Free, SecureMaster and File Locker.


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