Create Screenshot Without Rooting Android – Screenshot Ultimate

By | May 25, 2013

Creating screenshots is not always easy if you’re an Android user. There’s a lot of things that has to “come together” so to say. Your device has to be rooted, and of course your need to find the appropriate app that will actually work. One such app that we’re gonna be talking about today is Screenshot Ultimate.

Screenshot Ultimate screenshot utility for Android

Great thing about this screenshot utility for Android is that there’s a good chance that it will work even if your device isn’t rooted. It’s built in way so that it can try and avoid restrictions imposed by the fact that your phone isn’t rooted. We’ve tested on our tablet, everything worked fine, even though we did not root our device. Interesting features of Screenshot Ultimate are:

  • Allows you to create and take screenshot on your Android device
  • Adjustable file name, format (JPEG, PNG) and save location
  • Triggers – create screenshot by shaking desktop, overlay icon, etc
  • Editor – allows you to view and edit created screenshots

As you can probably notice from the first image above, this is an ad supported app. When you first run it, it’s gonna offer you to either take screenshot right away, by clicking on the Take Screenshot button, to access gallery of previously gallery of created screenshots or to access Settings.

Screenshot Ultimate screenshot utility Android settings

You should probably access settings first. Go over all the options that are available there. There’s a lot of them, from image format, screenshot location and everything else that we mentioned in the feature list. We recommend PNG image format for screenshots, we had some issues when we used JPEG. You should also turn on the Overlay button from the Trigger section of Settings.

Screenshot Utility screenshot Android example

Overlay button will create a transparent button on your screen. Tapping on it will create a screenshot, hopefully. Again how and if Screenshot Ultimate will work on your device is a gamble. Seeing how you just need to install it from the Google Play store in order to see if it works, it’s much less of a hassle than rooting, and who knows, it might work. Download for free from Google Play.


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