Change DNS Servers In XBMC on Raspberry Pi with OpenELEC

By | May 26, 2013

To a lot of people from abroad Hulu is unfortunately blocked. If you’re from the US, and would like to use your premium Hulu+ account, you need to resort to various tricks like proxies, VPNs, and DNS servers like Tunlr so you can go around the blockages.

For those who are unaware of what Tunlr is, it’s a free DNS server which through various hacks allows people who are not from the US to still access and watch videos on Hulu, and dozens of other video sharing services from United States and United Kingdom.

XBMC screenshot openelec DNS

OpenELEC is a free media center distribution with which you can do all kinds of cool stuff. It can be installed on pretty much every device you can think of. The one that we’re gonna be talking about today is Raspberry Pi.

XBMC screenshot openelec dns settings raspberry

OpenELEC is a great choice if you’re interested in running XBMC on Raspberry Pi. It’s a great choice because it’s highly customizable and it works very fast. Most important customization that OpenELEC has is the option to easily change DNS server. To do this on your Raspberry Pi powered XBMC media center, you’re gonna have to open up Settings >> OpenELEC Settings >> Network.

XBMC screenshot open elec dns raspberry

Once that settings open up, scroll down to the bottom where you should find the option for typing in DNS servers. OpenELEC uses it’s own network manager, which allows you to easily change DNS server setting using a GUI. Other XBMC distributions for Raspberry Pi, like Xbian and Raspbian have it much more difficult. You either have to edit config files, which isn’t necessarily difficult, but it’s confusing for users who are not used to it.

If you would like to enjoy Hulu, and other services by changing DNS server settings of an XBMC media center on Raspberry Pi, then install OpenELEC and follow these instructions. For Hulu to work, you might also have to change service provider by opening up plugin settings.


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