Be Careful Of Fake Google Sandbox Checker Tools

By | May 27, 2013

In a recent article we showed you how you can find out if your website was sandboxed by Google. By sandboxed we here refer to the situation when your website in no longer being ranked for a particular keyword because you wondered to the dark side of search engine optimization, or done something else to bring down the wrath of Panda and Penguin.
Google sandbox test how to

One of the things that we’ve discovered in the meantime is that there’s a lot of websites out there which are supposedly designed specifically for checking if your website had been punished with Google’s “sandbox”. Now some of them might be legitimate and actually do report helpful information about website status, but a large portion of them are only out to get your money.

How can they get your money you’re probably wondering and which ones are they? We’re not gonna post links, but you only need to do a Google search for the term “google sandbox checker” to start off. Pretty much all the websites that you get will be a “sandbox tester” which when you test your website reports back that there’s something wrong, that website might be sandboxed and lastly it offers you helpful tips and advice for how to get out of sandbox, but only if you upgrade your account or purchase SEO advice from the website in question.

Google Sandbox tester fake error

We tested our theory on one such “sandbox checker” and no matter which search terms we entered for YouTube, even YouTube URL with the keyword youtube we received alarming results that our website was sandboxed and that we needed to contact website owners to find out how to get out, which probably meant giving them money for consultations. Alternative to fraud is that the checkers aren’t working properly, but in either case, be very careful, they might not be there to serve you, but rather themselves.


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