Rise Of The Blobs – Free Android Puzzle Game

By | April 15, 2013

Rise Of The Blobs is a free Android puzzle game. It’s very similar to the world famous Tetris, but here instead of trying to arrange blocks, you have to defend yourself from an ever rising army of blobs by throwing fruit into them and popping as many as possible before they get to you.

1 - Rise of Blobs screenshot

Marshmallow at the top of the tower, the one behind the fruit, is you. Blobs that are coming up from down below are your enemy. They are stacked all around the tower where you reside. Every now and then you’re gonna see them rise. Goal of the game is to throw the fruit inside the blobs, but there’s a catch. Fruit has to have the same color that the blob has in order for it to enter inside and in order for you to be able to pop-it by tapping on the fruit infested blob. All the surrounding blobs that have the same colors are also gonna be destroyed.

2 - Rise of Blobs selecting mode

There’s several different modes of play. Normal is where you just need to make sure that blobs don’t get all the way to the top. Next to that time trial, star collection (from inside the blobs), and several others, including a surprise mode, are available. Keep track of scores by opening up the Leaderboard. As you progress through the levels of this free puzzle game for Android, new weapons will become available to you.

3 - Rise of Blobs weapons

With the help of weapons like coconut bombs and blob barriers lots of blobs can be destroyed or their rise slowed down when they get too close to you. The more coins and points you collect, the more weapons will become available in the store. Click on the cart icon from the main menu to open it up. New stages can be selected, Island is the first one, the one that you can see on the first image from the top.

4 - Rise of Blobs stages

Rise of the Blobs
is a very fun game, and even though comparison with Tetris might be a bit out of place, seeing how there’s considerable differences between these puzzle games, the thrill of being overrun with blobs, the same way that you had the thrill of being overrun with blocks in Tetris is there. Download for free from Google Play.


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