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By | April 11, 2013

Getting kids to learn math or even to think about learning math is mission impossible for a lot of parents unfortunately. Some kids have other interests, but they still have to understand the basics, if they plan on going forward with their school. Perhaps one of the reasons why children don’t like math is because they haven’t had it presented to them in a way that’s interesting. Their Android smartphone just might be the tool to make math more interesting to children of all ages.

1 -Mathematics Android screenshot

Mathematics for Android is a free Android app where a very large number of mathematical calculations can be performed. Almost every one of the options from the image above has several different sub-categories for you to choose from. Calculations that are available include:

  • Formula calculation – allows you to perform basic math calculations
  • Functions – polynomial, rational, exponential, multiplicative, etc
  • Equations – linear, quadratic, cubic and transpose equations
  • Numerical systems manipulations – decimal, binary, hexadecimal, etc
  • Polynomial calculator – allows you to perform polynomial calculations
  • Modulo operation – calculation mode for managing the remainder
  • Unit conversions – convert length, area, temperature, speed, weight
  • Vectors and matrices – play around with matrices of up to 5X5 size
  • Complex numbers – module for managing complex numbers

How to perform calculations with Mathematics for Android

Because of the large number of calculations, and our very limited math knowledge we’re gonna gonna stick to the basics.

2 - Mathematics Android quadratic equations

First thing that we’ve given a spin were the quadratic equations. Setup is very simple, by clicking on the pencil icon next to the fields of the variables, values can be typed in. When you’re done, tap on the Calculate button and you’re gonna see the solutions.

3 - Mathematics Android function plotting

Before functions can be plotted they of course need to be setup. In case that you would like to adjust existing functions, tap on the function at the top and you’ll be able to adjust it, after which it’ll be plotted again automatically.

4 - Mathematics Android unit conversion

We will leave you on a lighter note, with something that’s not very terrifying, unit converter. Change the unit type with the drop down menu at the top, tap on the numbers on the sides to set values, adjust the units and tap on the “equals to” button down below. Mathematics for Android has a lot to offer, for beginners and advanced users. Install for free from Google Play store.


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