How To Resize Images With Phatch – Free Batch Image Resize For Linux

By | April 13, 2013

Modern digital cameras for the most part create very large photos. Sure you could change image settings to make them smaller, but then quality is poor for the big screen. Large photos can be a problem to send via email, IM clients or to share on social networks, especially if you have a slow connection. In situations like these, it’s best to have them resized, preferably in bulk, since you probably have a lot of photos. There’s several different tools for batch image resize for Linux, today we’re gonna be talking about one of them called Phatch.

How to resize images in bulk on Linux using Phatch – free image resize for Linux

1 - Phatch Batch Image Resize Linux screenshot

First thing that you’ll notice about Phatch is that it has a graphical interface. Terminal is something that people fear the most when you mention Linux to them. In this free batch image resize for Linux, a lot more can be accomplished then just resize, and we mean a lot. Various different effects, conversions, color corrections, but for this tutorial we’re sticking to image resize only.

2 - Phatch Batch Image resize Linux select scale

What’s gonna be done to photos is setup using “actions”. From the top menu of the main window click on the plus button to open up the list of actions that can be applied. Like we said, it’s a long list. Find Scale, select it and click Add.

3 - Phatch Batch image resize linux added action

Once the action is added to the list, you’ll be able to set width and height, resolution in DPI, decide if you want to constrain proportions, select the type of resampling that’s gonna be applied and lastly, in case you want images and photos from a directory only scaled down, not up, you’ll have to put a check mark to the Scale Down Only option. Save action will be added automatically. There you can select where the resized images will be saved, format used, etc.

4 - Phatch Batch image resize Linux select files

With settings tweaked, click on the gears icon from the main menu to move on to the next step where files have to be selected. Entire folders or individual files can be selected at once. Image formats that you want targeted can be filtered from the left sidebar. Last step, before this batch image resize for Linux start working on selected files, requires you to confirm the list of images that will be resized.

5 - Phatch Batch image resize Linux resize

Click Continue in the bottom right corner to start the resizing. Look for images in the folder that you’ve set as the output directory. Phatch is easy to setup, and offers a lot of options. Download for free from here.


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