How To Install VirtualBox Guest Additions In Windows 8

By | April 11, 2013


If you want to install guest additions from inside the safe mode, here’s a very simple tutorial how you can boot Windows 8 into safe mode. Click Here. Boot Windows 8 into safe mode and then follow instruction in this post.

VirtualBox is a great way how you can test operating systems without actually installing them on your computer. To gain full functionality of the guest operating system guest additions have to be installed. Windows 8 is definitely one of the more interesting operating systems for you to test out. To see it in full light, guest additions have to be installed. Here’s how you can do that.

Windows 8 Virtual Box Guest Additions screenshot

One of the main advantages when it comes to installing VirtualBox guest additions can be seen on the image above. Resolution of the guest OS, in this case Windows 8, can fill the virtual machine window. Normally only generic resolutions are available. There’s other benefits, 3D acceleration for example, but don’t expect much, this is still a virtual environment.

How to install VirtualBox guest additions to Windows 8

Imagine that what you see on the image above is a fresh installation of Windows 8, because it basically is. Up until now when installing guest additions you would have to reboot Windows into safe mode. Since doing that with Windows 8 is a bit more difficult, we’ve decided to try without going into safe mode, and it worked.

Windows 8 Virtual Box Guest Additions select install

Basically the first thing that you need to do is select Devices >> Install Guest Additions. They are opened as a optical disc, because guest additions are an ISO image file that get’s loaded just like operating system images.

Windows 8 Virtual Box Guest Additions open cd

Activate the installer either by double clicking on the optical disc icon from My Computer or by using the new disc dialog of Windows.

Windows 8 Virtual Box Guest Additions install

After that you’ll need to go through the usual installation wizard. The most important step is to decide whether or not you want Direct3D installed. This will add additional graphics support. We installed it and everything works fine. The most important thing, the new Windows 8 user interface, also known as Metro, works just fine. To fit guest display to window, select View >> Auto-resize guest display. All thats left now is to see what works, how it works and to decide what your opinion is on Windows 8. Download VirtualBox from here, and Windows 8 from here.


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  1. PO'd


    Please stop with the usual BS that any idiot probably has already figured out.

    Try installing the GA YOURSELF in VirtualBox 4.16+ and it will not finish because it will crash the entire VM! IOW, the host will be fine but the 8.1 GUEST simply aborts all to heck when you try to install the GA!

    And if I seem irritated, I AM!


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