How To Easily Boot Windows 8 Into Safe Mode

By | April 18, 2013

Depending on your luck, booting into Windows 8 safe mode might be easy or you might not be able to do it at all, at least not using the conventional methods of hitting F8, F2 or some other keyboard combo during boot up. BootSafe is a free portable utility which enables you to boot Windows 8, and not just Windows 8, into safe mode without having to worry about nailing the correct keyboard combo at boot up.

BootSafe safe mode boot setting up

In a recent article where we talked about how to install VirtualBox guest additions in Windows 8, we mentioned that booting Windows 8 into safe mode isn’t easy. It now requires several steps to reach something that you might call safe mode, but just like the new user interface of Windows 8, everything is different. SafeBoot doesn’t require installation, it only needs to be run with admin privileges. The reason why it needs administrative rights is because it will edit the Windows boot manager and add the necessary commands so that Windows boot up into safe mode.

BootSafe windows 8 safe mode boot screenshot

Usage is very simple. From the main interface select which safe mode you’d like to start up, regular, with networking or command prompt only. Put a check mark next to the one you want. After that, click on either Modify and Reboot button so that changes are applied and system restarted right away, or click Make Modifications Only, if you want to reboot Windows manually later on. Once the computer boots up, you should see your Windows booted up in safe mode of your choosing.


Even though it says on the SafeBoot page that changes made to the boot manager should be reverted back to normal boot when you restart computer out of safe mode, that didn’t happen to us.

BootSafe windows 8 safe mode remove modifications

Perhaps it’s because we were on Windows 8, but in order to return back to regular mode, we needed to click on Remove Modifications. Make sure that you leave the BootSafe somewhere on your desktop so it can be used from inside safe mode. All versions of Windows starting with Windows XP are supported, not just Windows 8. The only downside is that you need to boot up Windows in order to apply this safe mode boot hack, but it’s better than nothing. Download for free.


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