How To Backup Windows Network Settings

By | April 18, 2013

For people with complicated network setups, losing network configuration is something that can cause serious headaches. Network Profiles Utility is a small and portable network utility which you can use in order to backup Windows network settings, and then later on, in case that they get reset or lost in some other way, easily restore them.

1 - Network Profiles Utiliy windows network backup settings

Before you’ll be able to see the main interface, where the actual network settings backup takes place, you’ll first have to go through initial config.

There’s 4 things that have to be setup here. Decide if you want to automatically create backups and restores right after starting Network Profiles Utility and close the application immediately. Select where the backup is saved, which connections will be backed up, wired, wireless or both, and lastly pick the naming pattern for the created backup directory, it can either be computer name or current system username that’s being used.

2 - Network Profiles Utiliy windows network backup screenshot

Once you’ve Saved and Closed the initial config, the actual backup utility comes up. Clicking on Config in the bottom right corner opens up initial config once again if you’d like to change something. The only thing that’s left now is to click on Export, to create a backup.

3 - Network Profiles Utiliy windows network backup created backup

When you want to restore created Windows network settings backup, you’ll have to navigate to the folder where they were saved using the Browse button and select Import.

4 - Network Profiles Utiliy windows network backup reatore

Additional window will pop-up where you need to select which one of the saved network profiles goes to which adapter. This is in case that several network profiles were saved and you have several network adapters on your computer. They can be paired up, for example wireless profile with your wireless card, wired with wired and so on. Once that they are selected, click on Restore Profile and all the networks settings should be restored. If you’re one of the people from the introduction Network Profiles Utility will save you a lot of time. It’s easy to use and best of all it can be downloaded for free. What more could you ask.


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