How To Add Social Page And RSS Feed Links To Sidebar In WordPress

By | April 27, 2013

Social networking is one of the best ways how you can keep in touch with the readers of your blog, RSS feeds are also very effective. In order for your readers to be able to find your social network pages and RSS feed links, they have to be displayed somewhere on your site. Many WordPress website owners put these links in the sidebar. If you’re new to WordPress and are wondering how to easily place links to social network pages and RSS feeds to WordPress sidebar, you’ve come to the right place.

Social Feed RSS WordPress sidebar screeshot

Screenshot of the effect that we’re after can be seen on the image above, in case that when you’re reading this, there won’t be sidebar, hehe. We have links to our YouTube page and RSS feed. Same thing can be setup for any social network page that you might have setup. We’re gonna avoid using any kind of plugins, because for something as simple as this, they’re really not necessary.

How to add social network page and RSS feed links to WordPress sidebar without plugins?

1. Find icons that you would like to use – We found ours on If you have your own that you’d like to use, go right ahead.

social feed rss wordpress sidebar icons

2. Icons download and upload – Download the icons that you found and upload them to your WordPress media library, or anywhere else, but make sure that the host is accessible and reliable. Once that you have them uploaded, find out what their direct link is. It should be something like this:

social feed rss wordpress sidebar icons links

if you’ve uploaded the icon to WordPress media library. If not you’re on your own, just make sure that the links ends with an image extensions, JPEG, JPG, PNG, etc.

Add the links to your sidebar – Now you just need to open up Appearance >> Widgets and from there add the HTML widget to the Sidebar.

social feed rss wordpress sidebar adding links

Title can be anything you want, this is what’s showed above the links. The actual HTML syntax, that’s gonna show the icons and links to social network pages and RSS feed links, goes in the large empty field down below.

<a href="LINK TO YOUR PAGE"><img src="LINK TO YOUR IMAGE" 

Of course you have to change the values in uppercase with links to your pages, RSS feed, icon and optionally you can add the “title” tag for more effect. When you’re done, click Save and your sidebar links with icons should be active. Open up your homepage to confirm. Use comments down below if you have problems or we missed something.


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