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By | April 17, 2013

Fans of puzzle games have probably heard about Free Flow, a logical game where you need to pair up pipes which have the same color on a square board in order to cover the entire free space with pipes. This game can be found on arcade sites and it’s very popular there. It’s no surprise that once that a port on Android was made, since then the this free puzzle game has gathered tens of millions of downloads.

1 - Free Flow screenshot

A lot of you have probably come across this game, and those who have probably remember that the board which can be seen on the image above can be much bigger. That’s how the difficulty of the game is changed. This 5X5 board is very easy to solve, but the larger ones are gonna cost your a lot of nerves and time trying to get passed them. Game is ad supported, like many free games are, but the ads are not very intrusive. Notice that all those colored dots come in two. These are basically two ends of the “pipes” that you need to connect.

2 - Free Flow completed board

This is how a board that’s almost completed looks like. The puzzle is pretty much solved at this point. Goal of the game is not only to cover all the squares, but also to do it in a certain number of moves. For our puzzles on the images above, that limit was 4. Notice the “flows” count in the top left corner. If we would have used more than that, our score wouldn’t be perfect, that’s how you get to see how good you are.

3 - Free Flow selecting larger board

Difficulty can be changed by choosing a larger board, like we already mentioned. Size ranges from 5X5 all the way up to 14X14, and each size offers 150 different levels. For some of the more difficult boards you’re gonna have to pass the simpler ones.

4 - Free Flow changing mode of play

Two modes of play are available. Here we showed you the arcade mode, where you just need to make sure that pipes get connected in a lowest number of moves possible. Second mode of play is the time trial mode, where you need to beat the time. If you are a fan of puzzle games, and if you have an Android device, Free Flow is the thing for you. For larger boards you’re gonna have to have a tablet, because they are too big for smarphone displays. Download for free from Google Play.


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