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By | April 13, 2013

It seems these days it’s almost impossible to be on the Internet without having at least a hundred various different online accounts. This makes it very difficult to keep track of all the usernames, passwords and emails, unless you’re doing the foolish mistake of using the same login credentials everywhere. Password manager in these types of situations is a life saver. Password Safe is one such free portable password encryption and storage app for Windows.

1 - Password Safe portable password encryption windows screenshot

Portable here means that Password Safe can be installed on a USB drive, without involving the registry. When starting Password Safe for the first time, you’re gonna see something very similar to a login. Here a database file where all the passwords are stored and encrypted has to be selected. It should be in .psafe3 format. Since this is the native format of Password Safe, if you haven’t used it before, you probably won’t have any to open. That’s OK, just click on New to create a new database.

2 - Password Safe portable password encryption windows login

Password encryption relies on you using a strong password when creating the Password Safe file. Very useful feature of this free password encryption software is that it has a built-in on-screen keyboard. This is perfect for preventing keyloggers from getting your login information.

3 - Password Safe portable password encryption window logged in

With the password database created, you’ll be able to see the actual interface of this free portable password encryption software. Created database will be open right away. New ones can be created by selecting File >> New. What you need to do now however is click Edit >> Add Entry.

4 - Password Safe portable password encryption windows add entry

Type in all the info of the online accounts that you’re having problems remembering. They can even be grouped so they’re more easily found later on. In case that you have a lot of them. Once that you’re finished with the setup, click OK.

5 - Password Safe portable password encryption windows added entry

Once that the account is added to the list, it’s safely stored and secured. Password encryption is very strong. Even if someone steals the database file, they wouldn’t be able to do anything with it without the password, which is asked every time that you try to open up a file with Password Safe. As you can see from the menus and options from the toolbar, a lot of other password management goodies can be found, but we leave them for you to discover. Click here for download.


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