Free Fishing Game For Android – Fishing Joy

By | April 16, 2013
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Fishing Joy is a free fishing game for Android where you need to catch as much fish as possible by casting a fishing net on various different types of fish that swims from all sides of the screen. Objective of the game is to sell the fish that you’ve caught, collect coins, buy a bigger net, catch even more fish and that way open up new fishing locations.

1 - Fishing Joy screenshot

Cannon in the middle of the screen, down below, is you. That’s from where the fishing net is gonna be launched by tapping on the touchscreen where you want to “plant” the net. Plus and minus signs on right and left side of the cannon can be used to change the cannon size, bigger cannon means bigger net. Game starts slow, with just the one fish swimming slowly from right side of the screen, but very soon after that you’re gonna be swarming in various different fish species coming out of all sides.

2 - Fishing Joy fishes

You can’t catch every single fish that’s moving on the screen. Some of them can’t be collected right away with the small nets that are available at the start of the game. They are put there to make it more difficult for you to catch the ones that can be caught, they’re gonna block the fishing net when you’re trying to catch smaller fish. There’s a time limit in which you need to fill out the bar in the bottom right corner, if you go over that limit, you’re gonna lose coins for every minute longer that it takes you to fill the bar.

3 - Fishing Joy fish coins

Different fish size will bring you different amount of coins. You’ll get the biggest pile of coins when you catch a shark, but for that you’re gonna have to save up for a much bigger net. Coins are also reduced when you cast a net, so make sure that each throw counts.

4 - new fishing locations

Next to buying fishing equipment upgrades, you can also open up new fishing locations. To do that, select Scenes from the main menu. If you enjoy fishing, and would like to fish with a net on your Android device, this is the game for you. Fishing Joy is quite an interesting blend of fishing and strategy, and it’s available for free download from Google Play.

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