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By | April 10, 2013

Test Your English is a free English tester for Android. It can be installed for free from the Google Play store. This app is perfect for anyone who’s learning English to check what kind of skills they have, and to see if they should perhaps brush up on their English lessons. Skill testing is turned into a fun experience by reading/listening tests, various different quizzes and there’s even a Millionaire game where in order to claim the main prize you need have impeccable English.

1 - Test Your English Android screenshot

Main menu of this free Android English tester offers options for pretty much everything that we already mentioned in the introduction, reading/listening tests, quizzes(the All tests option) and so on. Random Test will open up any one of available tests, like the name says, at random. Interesting tests available in Test Your English Android app are:

  • Quizzes – language/grammar, business English, synonyms, idioms, errors
  • Reading exercises – adverbs, future tense, present, passive, etc
  • Listening test – same as quizzes only you listen to the question
  • Random test selection – picks tests at random, from any category
  • Millionaire game – “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” English style

2 - Test Your English Android all tests

“All tests” option from the main menu will open up 5 groups of tests, the ones that we listed in the features list above under quizzes. We labeled these as quizzes because that’s what they basically are.

3 - Test Your English Android quizzes idioms

You get “fill a blank spot” or explain the meaning of the expression type of puzzles, questions, call them what you like with 4 answers to choose from. On one occasion we noticed that the question wasn’t asked very clearly, and there’s actually two answers that could fit, so be careful with those. If the answer turns green after tapping on it, you’ve done good, and can click Next in the bottom right corner to move on to the next question.

4 - Test Your English Android reading test

Reading mostly consists of exercises where you get to brush up on how to properly read various different sentence constructs. Large selection of texts are available, with relevant parts being marked depending on what tense type you’ve selected. Android powered devices can be a source for a lot of fun, but you can also learn a lot with them. Test Your English app is a great combination of both. Download for free from the Google Play store.


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