Free Bubble Shooting Game For Android – Shoot Bubble Deluxe

By | April 15, 2013

Most of us have played some kind of a bubble shooting game at some point during our gaming adventures. It could have either been online, a flash version, or an actual desktop installation. Pretty much every, if not all platforms have some kind of version of this very fun game. One platform where there’s definitely a bubble shooter is Android, you can find it if you look up Shoot Bubble Deluxe in the Google Play Store.

1 - Shoot Bubble Delux menu

Shoot Bubble Deluxe is of course free, and it offers two ways of how you can deal with bubbles, two game modes, Puzzle and Arcade. Third option that you can see on the screenshot above will open up the high scores list.

2 - Bubble Shoot puzzle game mode

Puzzle game mode offers several hundred different levels. To go through them all, you’re gonna have to use the cannon which can be seen in the middle down below and try to hit bubbles that have the same color that the one that’s loaded in your cannon has. That’s gonna knock them down. If you hit a different color, then the bubble will stick and only make things more harder for you. The goal is pretty obvious, all the bubbles have to go down.

3 - Shoot Bubble Delux puzzle time limit

Trick is that you have a time limit in which the bubbles have to be shot down. If you don’t complete the level within that time limit, then you’re toast.

4 - Shoot Bubble Delux arcde mode playing

Arcade game mode of this free Android game gives you the thrill of a never ending hoard of bubbles, coming down your way. You’re gonna have to knock them down before they reach you, because if they do, it’s game over. Here’s a pro tip, when you can’t match up the bubble that you currently have loaded in the cannon with any of the ones from above, check what color the next bubble in line is. It can be checked down below, and glue the one you have to that color. That way it’ll come down with the next bubble in line. This game is very fun, light so even if you have an older device you won’t have any problems running it. Download for free from Google Play Store.


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