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By | April 13, 2013

BitCoin is now a very famous online crypto-currency which allows you to easily and relatively anonymously pay for merchandise online. Assortment of goods and services that can be purchased with BitCoin grows all the time. One of the things that’s convenient to have when managing BitCoins is a wallet. BitCoin wallet is used for receiving and storing these precious virtual coins. They can be online, there’s websites where you can setup wallets or on a computer, in which case you need a client, MultiBit is exactly that.

MultiBit BitCoin Wallet Linux screenshot

Even though technically speaking MultiBit isn’t specifically for Linux, it’s Java based and it can work on Windows and Mac OS also, in our opinion this is one of the better BitCoin wallets for Linux that’s available out there. Official client works very slow. MultiBit on the other hand works fast, especially when doing the initial sync with the BitCoin network.

Interesting features of MultiBit – free BitCoin client for Linux are:

  • Speed – syncs with the BitCoin network is very fast and reliably
  • Export and import wallets – using the .wallet format
  • Exchange rate conversion – converts BitCoins to USD using MtGox rates
  • Create multiple BitCoin addresses for receiving payments
  • Transaction history – keep track of transaction history for each address
  • QR code generator – automatically generates QR code for payment
  • Cross platform – Java based so it works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS

How to send and receive BitCoin payments with MultiBit – free BitCoin client for Linux

MultiBit is portable, which means that there’s no need for installation. The only thing that you need to do in order to start it is run it using the terminal, or by creating a desktop launcher.

java -jar /home/user/Downloads/MultiBit/multibit-exe.jar

Command above assumes that you’ve decompressed the MultiBit archive inside the Download directory of your Home folder. Instead of using the terminal, you could setup a desktop launcher.

MultiBit BitCoin Wallet Linux create launcher

If you’re using XFCE, right click on your desktop, select Create Launcher. Command goes into the Command fields, shockingly. Remember to change the path to where your MultiBit directory is located.

MultiBit BitCoin Wallet Linux payments

The only thing that’s left now is to start setting up BitCoin addresses where you can receive payments. Under the Request tab, click on New and a very long string will pop-up. Whenever someone needs to pay you, just give them this string which is known as a BitCoin address.

MultiBit BitCoin Wallet Linux sending payment BitCoin

To send someone a payment, open up the Send tab and use other peoples address, the one that you’re given. Some might not like this free BitCoin client for Linux because it requires Java. If the proprietary nature of Java is bugging you, then you’ll be pleased to know that MultiBit works just fine with OpenJDK, the open source equivalent to Java. Download for free from this link.


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