Free Android Car Racing Game – Raging Thunder 2

By | April 14, 2013

Raging Thunder is a very realistic Android car racing game. It’s available for free download from the Google Play Store. Free version is ad supported, with an option for upgrading to a paid version which removes ads.

1 - Raging Thunder screenshot

Graphics of this free Android car racing game are amazing, like you can see from the screenshot above. Car selection is a mix of muscle, sports and formula hybrids. Next to single player, where you get 6 different modes of play, online multiplayer racing is also supported. You’re gonna have to setup an account with the Raging Thunder website, so you can connect with other players. The six single player modes are time attack, survival, carer, instant race, single race and arcade.

2 - Raging Thunder selecting game mode

Not all of the cars and tracks which can be found in this free Android car racing game will be available right away. Playing the career mode unlocks them, the more progress you’ve made in the career mode, the more cars and tracks will open up, the usual.

3 - Raging Thunder selecting tracks

Three different tracks and two car models are available by default. New cars offer speed, grip, acceleration and armor improvements. About a dozen tracks and half a dozen new cars wait for if you decide to play the career mode. The more powerful car you ride, the more easier it is to win races.

4 - Raging Thunder controls

Game is controlled with the help of G-sensors and touchscreen. Car will always move forward, and you have to dip your device in the direction that you want ti to go. Brake and Boost bubbles can be tapped if you need to slow the car down or give it a nitro boost. Nitro’s gonna be collected in the empty bar which can be seen on the right next to the Boost button on the image above. Nitro is collected with “proper” driving, which means wrecking havoc to other racers. There’s several different versions of Raging Thunder. For larger screens, make sure that you select the HD version, so that it looks as it should. We already said this, but it bears repeating, graphics are very good, it’s easy to play, and best of all, it can be download for free. What more could you ask.


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