Basketball Shoot – Free Basketball Shootout Game For Android

By | April 17, 2013

Basketball Shoot is a free ad supported basketball shootout game for Android. It’s not your classic shootout game, that you can play on arcade websites, where you stand behind the ball and swing it trying to score. With Basketball Shoot you view the game from the side, and you need to use the touchscreen in order to guide the basketball inside the basket, instead of just swinging it.

1 - Basketball Shoot Android screenshot

Like we said, you get a side view, and side view can be seen on the screenshot above. After each throw that’s made, the ball is gonna switch to a different location. With the help of the touchscreen, you’re gonna control the trajectory that the ball has to go through in order to reach the basket.

2 - Basketball Shoot Android trajectory

Tap and hold the screen, that’s gonna activate the trajectory indicator. Move your hand around and the arrow is gonna change direction. Do this until it’s over the basket. When the basketball is located somewhere at the bottom of the screen, you’re initial tap should be somewhere all the way at the top, so that you have enough room for a higher arc. After you adjust the best possible trajectory for the ball, remove your finger from the screen and it will fly. If you’ve setup the arc properly, you should score, if not, you’re gonna miss. You can miss 10 times before you lose your streak and game starts all over.

3 - Basketball Shoot Android ball selection

Once that you go through enough levels, new types of balls are gonna become available. They have no special powers or anything like that, they just look different from the standard basketball and give you a bit of difference and novelty.

4 - Basketball Shoot Android scores

Keep track of your scores and try to beat them. Of course the more baskets that you make, the better score that you’re gonna have. Basketball Shoot is a very simple and a very fun. It’s small, so if you’re short on space on your Android device, this free basketball shootout game will not set you back by much. Most games that are popular these days can be a bit overwhelming, if you want something a bit more lighter that isn’t tiring you more, then this is the game for you. Download for free from Google Play.


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