Spybot Anti-Beacon – Improve Windows 10 privacy

Privacy wise Windows 10 is probably the worst version of Windows to date. I guess Microsoft looked at Google and what they were doing for inspiration. I know I’m late to the party, talking about invasive Windows 10 privacy policy. What prompted me to write this article is the recently released Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade,… Read More »

3D Human Anatomy App For Android – 3D Atlas

Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas is a 3D human anatomy app for Android. That’s basically a one sentence summary of what we’re going to be talking about today. Now I don’t think that this app should be taken as an alternative for an actual medical textbook, but it does come very close. It can be… Read More »

Pedometer app for Android – Pedometer

Our smartphones seem to be replacing more and more devices that we’ve gotten used to having over the years. I’m talking about things like cameras, discmans (remember those?), MP3 players, calculators, GPS navigation, you name it. One of the things that I didn’t know up until a while ago that you can use you phone… Read More »

Puzzle game app for Android – Roll the Ball

I know what you’re thinking. It’s very hard these days to find something to kill time with. There’s very little distractions available to us. That’s why today I decided to bring to your attention a puzzle game app for Android called Roll the Ball. It’s actually a pretty popular app, so you might have heard… Read More »

Chess Game For Android With A Tutor – Chess Free

To a lot of people chess is kinda of a boring game to play, and if you agree with that statement, then you might want to skip todays article. On second thought, don’t go, because today I’ll be talking about a chess game for Android called Chess Free, which is perfect for both beginners and… Read More »

Flappy Bird Clone Game For Android – Twitchy Moth

Does anyone remember Flappy Bird? Did you throw your phone into the wall while playing it? I seem to remember reading that people did that when they became frustrated with the game. Today I thought to myself, why not relive all that with a Flappy Bird clone game for Android. I already talked about Flappy… Read More »

TimeTune – Free Daily Scheduler App For Android

Organizing ones day can just very well be the thing that makes you get off your sofa and do something more productive with your time. I’m not saying that watching TV isn’t productive, especially if you’re watching something as awesome as Kyle XY (YES, I watched it, so what, sue me, I don’t really care).… Read More »

File And Folder Hider Software For Windows – Zee Locker

When sharing a computer with other people, maintaining privacy isn’t as easy as it looks. Our online profiles, our files are all up for grabs it seems. Nosy people are always looking for ways to “accidentally” stumble upon our private info and data. Today’s program will help you protect your files and folders when sharing… Read More »

10 Minute Mail – Free Temporary Email Address Creator

Spam somehow always finds us. Sometimes I think that the websites are lying to us when they say that they won’t use our email address for anything other than “occasional update or promo”. Do you think that people would do that? Lie on the internet? 😀 Luckily there are foolproof ways how to prevent spam… Read More »